4 migrants found frozen at US-Canada border

Four irregular migrants, two of whom were children, who tried to enter the United States illegally from Canada, froze to death at the border.
The US Customs and Border Guards (CBP) Office announced that during the traffic control at the Canada-North Dakota state border, 2 passengers of Indian origin without legal documents were detected in a minibus with 15 people.
In the statement, it was stated that after the questioning of the people in question, 5 more people who were thought to be from the same group and crossed the border on foot were caught nearby.
4 migrants found frozen
In the statement, it was stated that the frozen corpses of an adult man and woman, a young man and a baby were found in the rural areas of the Canadian province of Manitoba, 10 meters from the US border, by the Canadian security authorities and the border guards, who expanded the search on both sides of the border. It was underlined that he was hospitalized due to frostbite and that they may have been partially amputated.

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